We want to make our demo policy as easy and simple as possible for all our new clients. When you
request a demo saddle, please email your request, in writing, that you wish to receive a Bob Marshall demo saddle or a Sensation Ride demo saddle, and state which model. Include your full name, email address, shipping and billing address and phone number. We will then phone you to obtain your credit card information which we ask that you do not send by email (for your protection). You will be charged a deposit, which is the cost of the saddle and accompanying accessories, plus shipping to you. Shipping charges are between $30 and $70 (depending on where in the US you live), which also includes insurance, and you will be charged the lowest amount possible.


You will be responsible for the shipping charges to you, and the return charges (including insurance), unless the saddle is scheduled to go to another client after you. In that case, that person pays the shipping to them. Once the saddle is returned to us, or arrives safely and in good condition to the next client, your deposit is refunded.


There is no fee to actually use the demo (since your money will be refunded) as long as no damage occurs. Along with the saddle we will send a Skito Equalizer pad, a Dixie Midnight NoSweat Vent pad (which goes under the Skito pad), a girth and a breastplate. In no way should the saddle be placed directly on the horse's back, in order to keep the saddle in new condition.


You can use the saddle for 7 days and be sure it works for you and your horse. If you need the saddle for a longer period than 7 days, we ask that you call us in advance and let us know about the delay, which won't be a problem as long as we know. Our demo saddles will be on a schedule to be shipped to new clients around the country. Hopefully, once you ride in this saddle you will call us to order your very own!

We are really excited about having demo saddles, and we look forward to your feedback after trying one
out! So far, we have heard nothing but wonderful comments about both the Bob Marshall and Sensation Ride saddles!


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