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Savvy Sport Saddle is pleased to offer you the best treeless saddle in the industry: the Bob Marshall Sports Saddle® (U.S. Trademark Registration No. 1,989,414, U.S. Patents 5,018,340 and 5,187,924).


We know that using the right combination of riding equipment will enrich your riding experience. Learn how you can use the Savvy Sport Saddle system of combining the right gear to accentuate that bond between you and your horse, and you’ll see why we are so enthused about bringing these saddles and our full line of products to you!


Our ‘catalog’ saddles you see on our website offer a wide variety of choices, from basic to fancy, and we know you’ll find exactly what you're looking for! Our Bob Marshall Sports Saddles offer a wide variety of choices in the design of your western treeless saddle, whether you ride in an endurance saddle, trail riding saddle or barrel racing saddle.


We can help you select the perfect saddle for you and your horse – we believe a horse and his/her rider should be comfortable at all times. Riding is believing, and a more comfortable ride will be hard to find in any other saddle.


We can assist you in calculating your saddle size and help you order one of our fine saddles that will fit all your individual needs. Our trail riders, barrel racers and endurance riders all have specific horse riding experiences, and we work with each customer, on an individual basis, to learn what is important for you and your horse.


Our toll free number is 888-976-5166. We'd love to hear from you today!


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