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geriWe offer two types of saddle pads, the Skito Equalizer Pad and the Dixie Midnight pads. They are an ideal pairing to create the ultimate in comfort and safety for your horse's back. Click either saddle pad name above to jump down to detailed information, or just continue reading below!


Why do we recommend using both the Skito Equalizer Pad and the Dixie Midnight No-Sweat Vent Pad together?


The padding you place under your saddle is an important part of the riding gear.  Properly designed riding pads help protect the horse from rubbing and chafing of the saddle. In the past, riders commonly used a blanket or a similar material to protect the horse’s back from chafing. While the conventional horse blanket adds padding to the horse, it also “locks in” the sweat, which in turn produces an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and mold to thrive. The blanket also cannot adequately protect the horse’s back from impacts or shocks during riding.


The Skito Equalizer Pad is specifically tailored to fit the size and shape of your Bob Marshall Sports Saddle, your Sensation Ride saddle or any saddle you have. Besides adding a layer of padding between your horse and the saddle, the Skito Equalizer Pad helps distribute the saddle load more evenly, providing for a more comfortable ride for both you and your horse. The specially designed open cell foam pad also cuts down on heat build up and moisture, thereby reducing potential fatigue during riding.


The Dixie Midnight No-Sweat Vent Pad does just as the name describes: It "channels" the horse’s sweat before it gets to the Skito Equalizer Pad. The Skito Equalizer Pad and Dixie Midnight No-Sweat Vent Pad work together to provide the best possible support and padding for your horse’s comfort.





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The Skito Equalizer Pad is washable for easy maintenance. The outer cover can be ordered in 100% wool pile ($18 extra) or a 65/35 blend of wool and synthetic fleece. The pad is available in three thicknesses: 1/2", 3/4" (standard) and 1" ($9 extra). See all the color and pattern choices below. Skito Pads are also offered in a variety of sizes to fit non-Sports Saddle models (English, Aussie, Western, Bareback, etc.). Please call or email us for this information.


DryBack Pad - $225.00
DryBack is a Skito insert saddle pad that is constructed to release heat and moisture from the large back muscle to the atmosphere. The addition of NOMAD™ matting by 3M™ to the top of the saddle pad enables the flow of air under the saddle. The exclusive Skito Wool Poly fleece efficiently wicks the heat-laden perspiration to the open cell foam insert, which acts as a dense sponge pulling moisture and heat away from the animal to the surface of the pad.




Shipping and handling (new price effective July 20, 2007) $16.00


drytopThe unique feature of our treeless saddle pad is the front-loading foam inserts as shown protruding from the front of a round-skirt “Sport Saddle” pad. The only seam down the spine is the joining seam for the two sides, as the Velcro® closures for the foam pockets are located on the front edges of the pad. The foam panels lift the saddle off the spine leaving an air channel down the center of the pad. Foam inserts are available in ½", ¾", 1" and laminated thickness. The particular pad shown is fitted with a “Drytop” outer cover to allow heat and moisture to release between the saddle and pad.   





Sport Saddle Pad
Available in round skirt as shown or square-western skirt. Standard features include leather latigo, wither ties to secure the pad to the saddle and a fixed girth strap.

Barefoot Treeless 

Shown: Dryback top with Cherokee print.

Italian Treeless
Available as shown, dressage cut, or as an Olympic style trail pad with gadget pockets. Standard features are a fixed girth strap and brass ‘D’ rings for a breast collar.

Ansur Treeless
Available as show, dressage cut, or as an Olympic style trail pad with gadget pockets. Standard features are a fixed girth strap and brass ‘D’ rings for a breast collar. Any foam style or thickness is applicable.

Sensation Treeless
All Fabrics are available.
Skito Dryback®
Skito Shims System
100% Wool
80/20 Wool/Poly blend.


Laminated Equalizerfoam for Treeless Saddles 
Designed to help protect your horses spine from riders weight. The top shim is beveled on three sides for a smooth transition and laminated to the 1/2" or 3/4" base foam inserts. Recommended for all who ride with treeless saddles. Thickness needed is determined by riders weight.


Shimming the treeless pad
One is best off shimming a treeless pad by laminating foam along the top of the foam insert such that the back is protected from impact while the level of the saddle is corrected without creating a pivot point at some interior point of the saddle.


Care and cleaning
All treeless saddle pads are machine washable after the removal of the foam inserts. Double rinse the cover to make sure there is no soap residue. Line dry the cover and brush lightly to restore the loft of the fleece. one cup of vinegar to five gallons of water. Massage the foam in the vinegar and water solution to dissolve the crystallized salts then rinse the foams in clear water; squeeze, but do not wring, to remove excess water. Lay the foam flat to dry then reinsert in cover.  


An Equalizer® saddle pad consists of open-celled urethane foam, profiled to the weight bearing area of a saddle, and encased in a variety of covers secured with a patented Velcro closure.  The foam accommodates mismatch between saddle and horse while absorbing up to 90% of impact shock.  The open-cell structure of the foam encourages moisture and heat absorption from the horse’s back.  The pad design approximates the curve of the horse’s back which reduces the stress of forcing a square pad to a shape. The Velcro envelope on either side of the spine enables the addition of shims to compensate for low spots, lift, or a bridging condition.  Two styles of pads are represented below by generic patterns of which many are available. 



interpadThe Interpad consists of two foam panels configured to the weight bearing area (bars or tree) of the saddle.  The foam panels are enclosed in a spandex or quilted cover (shown) access to the foam is enabled by a patented Velcro closure down the center of the cover.  The Interpad should be placed under the saddle on a light to medium blanket.  Generic designs available are dressage, Close Contact/All Purpose, Saddle Seat, Aussie, Barrel Racer, Western, and Endurance. 


Insert Pad

interpadAn insert pad is a complete pad that needs no additional pads, fabric felt, or fillers between the horse and saddle.  The pad design is dictated by the saddle profile and tree/bar design.  Many generic patterns are available, while custom designs and variations are the norm, not the exception.  All pads accommodate the natural curvature of the horses spine. The unique Equalizer® foam is captured in a shaped envelope on either side of the spine with a patented Velcro closure for easy access.  Insert pad is constructed with a combination of fabrics such as exclusive Skito wool/polyfleece,  Cotton/Poly Duck, Hemp/Cotton, Cotton/Poly quilt, Jersey fleece, Nylon Cordura and upholstery materials.  In addition, wear leathers (Nylon Cordura)  and rigging straps are standard.  All insert pads are made to order which permits any combination of fabrics the customer desires. 


Use and Care

*Always be certain the back of the horse and the surfaces of the pad are free of dirt and debris.  Tack up. Allow the Equalizer® pad to warm up for three to five minutes or longer in cold weather, before snugging the girth.  Check the girth after warming up the horse prior to starting any activity.  The saddle and horse will settle into the Equalizer® foam as it initially warms.  Store the Equalizer pad over or separate from the saddle to enhance drying. 


Cleaning the Pad

is a matter of removing the foams and machine laundering the cover in warm water with a mild detergent, NO BLEACH, and double rinse. Lay foams flat to dry.  The foam inserts should be rinsed in a cup of vinegar to 3 gallons of water solution to remove body salts absorbed from the horse’s sweat.  Squeeze, DO NOT WRING the moisture from the foam inserts.  Place the foams on a flat surface to air dry.  


Click here for a Skito Measuring Guide


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What It Does

  • Prevents horse sweat from reaching your saddle pad.

  • Allows your horse to sweat freely and naturally without restriction.

  • Prevents infections, fungus, mold and bacteria caused by a dirty saddle pad.

  • Keeps your horse's back cooler.

  • Prevents saddle pad icing in winter weather.

  • Exclusive heat-sensitive fibers soften at your horse's body temperature and conform to any horse's back and won't crease or lump up.

  • Keeps your saddle pad dry, regardless of what you ask from your horse.

  • No-Sweat™ vent pads are guaranteed to perform as described or your money back.



dixieWhy It Works

  • No-Sweat™ vent pads are made of interlocked large-diameter polymeric fibers, which are loosely pressed together. (But they can't unravel.)

  • This design creates thousands of air spaces.

  • The air spaces let the air flow over your horse's back, keeping the horse cooler, even under a very fuzzy saddle pad.

  • In the greatly enlarged photo of a No-Sweat (at left) you can see the interlocked fibers, and how smooth and comfortable they are.



dixieWhy Your Saddle Pad Stays Dry

  • Sweat runs unrestricted through the lower part of the vent pad, down your horse's sides, just like it is supposed to.

  • As the sweat leaves your horse, it carries the heat with it, naturally.

  • The upper part of the vent pad provides fresh, cooling air to your horse's back.

  • The sweat from your horse cannot reach your saddle pad because it is running through the vent pad and down his side. Your saddle pad stays dry.

  • No-Sweat™ vent pads are 30" x 36", and ten additional sizes (click here for sizes) 1/4" thick, and very lightweight.


Professionals Prefer the No-Sweat™ Vent Pad.

  • Ranchers and stockmen (cowboys) all over the West use and recommend them.

  • Trainers love them -- no more loads of pads to wash.

  • 100-Mile Endurance Riders win with No-Sweat.

  • Cutters, reiners, cow horse, penners, ropers, and barrel racers don't have to wash anymore workout pads.

  • Trail Riders finish the day with dry saddle pads. No more sweaty saddle pad odors around camp, or around your stalls.


Good for Your Horse - Good for You
The No-Sweat™ vent pad does not interfere with your horse's natural cooling process of sweating. What it does is stop sweat from reaching your saddle pad. This keeps your horse more comfortable, even in high humidity and temperature.
The No-Sweat™ vent pad is a breeze to care for, simply rinse it clean with a hose. No special attention is needed. It's anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, too. You will never have to wash a saddle pad.


Questions.  And The Answers, Too!


Does The No-Sweat vent pad Stop My Horse From Sweating?

Absolutely not.  Your horse will sweat more freely, and without restriction.  His back will be cooler, and your saddle pads will stay clean and dry.  The No-Sweat vent pad lets his sweat run down his sides without being wicked up into your saddle blanket,  pad or saddle fleeces.


Does The vent pad Get Sweaty?

Only slightly.  Simply rinse your No-Sweat vent pad with a hose when you're done riding to keep it clean and looking just like new.  Shake it out, and it dries in a few minutes.  If you can't rinse it off, for whatever reason, that's no problem -- your No-Sweat vent pad will work fine for you even if it isn't sparkly-clean!  (It's OK to dunk your No-Sweat in the creek to rinse it off, too!)


How Soft Is The No-Sweat vent pad?

Your No-Sweat is made from exclusive heat-sensitive fibers which are very soft at cool temperatures, and get even softer as their temperature rises to match that of your horse's body temperature, 100º F.  A No-Sweat vent pad on a working horse's back is as soft and comfortable as an old flannel shirt!


Does The No-Sweat Conform To My Horse's Back?

Yes, indeed it does!   The No-Sweat vent pad is soft, light weight, and very flexible -- it'll fit high-withered, low-withered, and even no-withered horses!  It'll fit wide-bodies,  narrow bodies, regular ol' bodies, long-backed, short-backed, and regular-backed horses as well.


Does It Need Special Attention?

Not a bit!  Once it's dry, (10-15 minutes) you can hang it, fold it, stuff it in a tack box, cram it in a cabinet, throw it in the back of your truck -- it'll take it -- it's tough!


What About Cold Weather?

Your No-Sweat vent pad works in temps from +170° F to -40° F.  This is a good thing in the winter, because your saddle pads will stay clean and dry -- no more bringing 'em into the house to dry 'em out.  No more ice block saddle pad on your horse's back.  No more washing saddle pads, either!


Who Can Use It?

If you ride with a Saddle or bareback pad, you can use the No-Sweat vent pad. On any saddle, with or without a saddle pad. The only place it doesn't seem to work is in the halter classes.


How Do I Know It'll Fit?

No-Sweat vent pads come in 7 sizes, from 30" x 36" to 36" x 54" (they're all listed in the Store).  Pick the size that fits your saddle pad(s).  When your No-Sweat arrives, lay it out on a flat surface. (If you use the kitchen table, don't tell Mom).  Then place your saddle pad on top of the No-Sweat as a pattern, and trim the No-Sweat vent pad with a scissors or razor knife to fit your saddle pad.  That's it!  TaDaaaa!  A custom fit, every time!  No, your No-Sweat will NOT unravel when you trim it.


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